World News Today

All day today, the BBC World channel – broadcasting around the world – has been criticizing and ridiculing the new UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson (Leave campaigner, of course), without a word of criticism for the person who appointed him to this role (Theresa May, Remain supporter, now PM). I happen to think she has made an inspired and very smart decision to choose this born salesman who will sell the UK to the world, so I’m not anxious to see her criticized for this appointment, but if you don’t think Boris is the right person for this job (as the BBC clearly doesn’t) surely the person whose judgement should be questioned is the one who appointed him. But no. Not a word of that either in the BBC World TV bulletins, or BBC online. Even as the country moves forward, the BBC is still banging on with its own endless anti-Brexit agenda. And it is continuing to damage the UK’s image around the world by belittling its new Foreign Secretary. Is the BBC doing this in order to increase the likelihood of his failure? Thereby damaging Britain’s future prospects. Is this what the UK licence-payer is funding?

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