World at One + Today

The BBC is getting round its supposed commitment to equal and balanced coverage by selecting “news” stories that give the pro-EU message. Today it was the fact that the new GMB leader was allowed a largely uninterrupted and unchallenged speech about how important it was for Labour voters to vote Remain and to give his unchallenged assertions about how brilliant the EU had been for workers.
Much the same happened on the Today programme this morning
This was followed by William Perry, former US secretary of defense, being interviewed and saying that he wasn’t going to interfere but then going on to give a very gently challenged speech about how important it was that Britain remained in the EU and how brilliant it was.
It would be very easy for the BBC to have avoided both these. Perry could have just been interviewed about the US election and US politics more widely and the GMB leader about his new role and the future of the Labour Party. But the BBC wants to get the pro-EU message across it seems.
Neither programme interviewed someone with the opposite view.
Surely this isn’t permitted, but if it is unchecked then expect to see more.

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