Who’s won the whitehouse

The BBC’s thinly veiled contempt for Leave voters even extends to the cover of American affairs. In “Who’s won the Whitehouse”, when likening Donald Trump’s Victory to Brexit, the narrator was dripping with disdain. The gist was that Leave voters were stubborn, gullible, idiots. They said Leavers didn’t take “expert” advice; the self-proclaimed (and BBC-endorsed) “experts” also advised the UK wouldn’t survive if we didn’t join the Euro in 1992 (among many failed predictions), yet the implication is voters were foolish not to blindly accept their dire warnings. The only difference between “hazarding a guess”, “clairvoyant predictions” and “expert advice” is the name you give it. The BBC called them “experts” simply to suggest that leave voters were inexpert when, in reality, everybody was the latter, because nobody can be an expert in Brexit, because it’s never happened before. In the same breath, the Narrator goes on to imply that we, the voters, were simply not intelligent enough to see the benefits of globalisation & the problems with leaving. The final blow was for her to go on to unnecessarily say “£350 million was promised to the NHS…it was lies but it didn’t matter”: which is simply untrue (& irrelevant to Trump’s campaign). This was so obviously a suggestion of how money could be better spent, not a promise; nobody who voted Leave thought for a second this was a promise and the BBC is fully aware of that.

Had I realised this site existed earlier, I could have an entry for every BBC news segment since the beginning of the referendum (and on-going since its end). From its misrepresentation of Leave voters (going to local pubs for quotes from people who appear to be less-educated) & its insistence that the Leave campaign was won on “immigration” alone, when statistically, although “uncontrolled immigration” was the 2nd highest reason people voted to leave, the number one reason was Sovereignty; we wanted to be able to hold those running our county accountable & for them to be living in the country they are running & influence our own laws but that doesn’t fit the BBC narrative that Leave voters are just xenophobic morons, so they keep it quiet.

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  1. Michael Stringer

    An outstanding comment. The problem with the BBC and most media employees is that they believe they are so much more intelligent than everyone else! They are not, never have been and never will be! It is a common weakness with left wing, so-called, intellectuals to believe they are superior to the rest of humanity.
    Fortunately, populations realise the ignorance of such people – look what happened with Brexit and in the US Presidential election. In both cases, much of the media outlets were opposed to Leave and to Trump. The scare tactics in both events were packed full of lies by those who earn their living by sitting on their backsides and telling others what to do. These brainless drones need to be dealt with very severely. We, the people, fund the BBC and we have the power to cut off their funds! As a start, write to your MP and advise them that unless the BBC is brought under control, payment shall be withdrawn. If the 17,000,000 people who voted for Brexit did this, heads would roll at the BBC!
    Finally, Mr. Farage is proposing a 100,000 people march to the Supreme Court. Why stop at 100,000? Judges, even those in the Supreme Court, are paid by the people! Even the Queen is not above the will of the people! Remember the fire at Windsor in an uninsured building? The Queen wanted the people to pay for the repair. It became obvious that such a move was unacceptable in a democracy and the demand was withdrawn. People power, properly applied, is an irresistible force!

  2. Michael

    Well put, Charlotte. You’re right in your latter assertions – if I documented every piece of BBC bias (not only on Brexit but their everyday leftie love ins), I’d never sleep, I’d never eat and I wouldn’t be able to do my job. One of the many things the BBC are getting away with at the moment are the terrible labels and insults they’re aiming at not only leavers and Trump supporters but anyone who disagrees with their liberal views (I say liberal but it’s another word warped by society – liberal comes from the latin, liberate and there’s nothing free about our state broadcaster).
    Take Newsnight yesterday – Matthew Parris, the Times columnist, stated that ‘the liberal minded shouldn’t listen to the concerns of the 59m who voted for Trump because they’re wrong and in time, they’ll see that’. All the while, Evan Davis was lapping it up, smiling on his right. Democracy works for the people – the word democracy stems from the greek demos which means people; the Lib Dems would do well to look at the name of their party before they flout it. If democracy subsides because certain people don’t like the way the people decided an issue, you descend into chaos. Is that what the left wants?
    It makes you wonder.

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