Victoria Derbyshire

The blatant BBC bias shown this morning on the Victoria Derbyshire program when the Court of Appeal Result was announced has surpassed itself , there was no balance of views i.e. all the public guests were in the main pro remain and had total disregard for the views of those that voted Brexit I only heard one voice supporting brexit. Even the Professionals who were there putting their comments were in the main remainer’s The pro brexit Professionals were given mush less air time . The program was an utter disgrace. Lets have an equal debate where it is equally matched on both sides !!!!

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  1. Thomas Burrell

    I watched this programme and it seemed the panel was full of handpicked professionally scripted remainers.They were allowed full time to talk with no interruptions mid sentence by the BBC host. When the small minority of leavers were allowed to speak they were constantly interrupted before half a dozen words were uttered.This is the biased format on every BBC news program now, they definitely have an agenda, and are not what the British public are paying for

  2. Neil Maclean

    May 29th 2017 and nothing has changed. The BBC is as biased as ever, I believe it really is time the BBC had its licence looked at and possibly scrapped, as it is no longer impartial but more like a left wing propaganda machine.

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