Under the terms of its Charter, the BBC has a duty to be impartial in reporting on all matters, be they social, economic, political, or other topics. By implication this duty should extend to representing the views of all UK citizens, including those held by the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU. The most blatant offender breaching this duty whenever the opportunity arises is Nick Robinson, co-presenter on the BBC 4 ‘Today’ programme.

This morning Robinson took BBC pro-EU bias to a new level when interviewing a range of no doubt carefully selected individuals, among whom were officials in Calais, a representative of carmaker Citroen / Peugeot and a former French ambassador to the UK. During each interview Robinson posed leading questions clearly designed to elicit the most dire and catastrophic predictions of what lies ahead for the UK once we leave the EU e.g. we will become a third world country, there will be colossal logjams at Channel ports, French car imports to UK will plummet, and so on.

What the BBC has so far failed to report is the positive news emerging yesterday in an exclusive report in Business Insider about a change of tack in the EU negotiating position whereby the European Parliament is to call for Britain to have ‘privileged’ single market access after Brexit.

Could it be that the BBC takes such a negative view of Brexit because of a hidden agenda aimed at securing further EU grants over and above the £3million awarded a few years ago, which was ostensibly to fund the costs of unspecified research and development projects?

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