Whenever the BBC refers to a no deal Brexit it is always ‘crashing out’ of the EU. There is no such thing as crashing. We will exit to trade comfortably on WTO rules, as do 85% of the countries in the World. Crashing is emotional and meant to instil fear. When one crashes one is injured. There will be no injury if we trade on WTO rules. I have been running a business which exports over a £1.0 million in services a year for 30 years. I have always refused to bid for EU work as I find it bureaucratic and biased in favour of the big corporations. Post Brexit I will still continue to trade successfully deal or no deal. Furthermore the BBC reporters appear not to know the difference between the ‘Single’ market(i.e. the regulated EU market) and the European market, which is the market for goods and services in Europe, from which we can never be excluded!
Biased or ignorant, I am not sure which.

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