Whilst driving to work this morning two key points of bias reporting by BBC Radio 4 morning programme came out of the radio at me and I am sure millions of others. At around 06:15 we heard from Paul Johnson of the Instuite of Fiscal Studies tell us why Brexit is going to be bad for business and that he couldn’t see us replacing lost trade with the EU as we step outside the single market and that this would have a natural impact on jobs. Next up we had Sadiq Khan London Mayor at around 07:50 tell us why he wanted something different for London as London voted to stay part of the EU and that people didn’t vote to make themselves poor along with a number of other negative comments and we had no counter to this from the leave side of the discussion what so ever, BBC (Bias Brooadcasting Corporation) an absolute disgracefull reporting and an all to commond outcome from the BBC reporting bias across its whole structure. The Government need to understand that the Country is in massive debit and we need to trade our way out of this which we will not be able to do whilst remaining part of the European Super State that my parents didn’t vote to join back in 1975 or I voted for since being old enough to vote at the 1983 general election onwards.

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