I find the slant taken to the Treasury Report very disturbing. The BBC takes a document which is a composite of other reports, outrageously including G Osbornes ‘end of the world as we know it’ forecast before Brexit, and slants it as objective news. The Beeb never raises the fact that, over the years, many previous reports by the IMF, Treasury , etc’ were completely wrong. Remember the Treasury one telling us that if we didn’t adopt the euro, we’d be 50 billions worse off over two decades! I am also appalled by the imbalance in the numbers of pro-anti Brexit experts and the uneven air time allowed for their respective views. For example, compare the little Brexit time given to leavers like David Owen and Nigel Lawson compared with the BBC ‘darlings’, Ken Clark and Hesselltine. Anna Soubray, I notice is currently being adopted for this BBC Anti Brexit club. When do we ever get to hear discussion about the dwonsides of being in the EU? The bias is breathtaking.

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