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Where to start? Having just seen BBC London stirring up race hatred, we have had an unrelenting diet of pro remain propaganda. As a certified by the left-wing as a “knuckle dragger”, I am sure I am not as clever as Simon Pegg, as I have never done a voice over for a furry cartoon animal. However I have spent a large part of my career as a credit expert on the European markets studying the detrimental impact of the statist EU project on the very people who are now screaming how unfair it is to be subjected to democracy. I just ask that the hysterical minority among the remainers do some research instead of offering themselves as acolytes to the false religion of totaliterianism, as supported by the BBC, Sky and the Guardian.

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  1. Alan lawrence

    I do not have an axe to grind, I am not a political animal, I am neither left wing or right wing. But something is glaringly obvious and that is the BBC are tremendously biased towards the remain camp of the referendum. It is now not just their news programs, it is spreading to ” light entertainment ” shows. I was horrified to see the hate and fear that was shown on the One Show (29-06-16 ) disgusting.
    This sort of portrayal of the British public is disgraceful and can only lead to a perception of hate and intolerance.
    Are the BBC deliberately trying to cause civil unrest?
    I have friends that voted both ways, we have had no arguments regarding the outcome, we are still friends.i suspect that 90% of British are the same as me, why keep on about the 10% who want to cause unrest.
    About time the BBC were brought to task.

  2. Megan Gibson

    Why do we pay a licence fee for the BBC to spout this anti Brexit crap. Every time I watch the BBC news I feel like putting my foot through the t.v. The other day there was someone on the BBC news channel asking, “Do we have to leave the eu now as a lot of people who voted leave are now regretting their decision”. Why give these idiots air-time?. 52% voted leave. 1.25 million more people voted leave than remain. Get over it BBC. It’s ridiculous how biased they are and we are paying to listen to this crap.

  3. John Foley Nicholson

    Inviting the first minister onto the one show may be appropriate, but to make mention of the SNP is not appropriate under these circumstances. Will the one show now allow other political parties the same opportunity?

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