The Listening Project

The program listened to 6 people in 3 pairs. The first two were a couple who campaigned for remain, the second pair were two university researchers and the third pair were two schoolchildren. So we had 4 remainers and 2 leavers interviewed. What was most troubling was that the children believed all those that voted Leave were bigoted and anti-foreigner/racist. This needed to be challenged, but of course wasn’t. The two researchers at least realised that they were out of touch with ordinary people and it was a problem for the EU that it promoted this to happen.

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  1. Hilly

    I am very concerned about the continuing bias demonstrated again and again by the BBC. If the UK is going to have a confident future the BBC really needs to get a grip and accept the situation. I am working on the European Social Study at present and the
    randomly selected respondents are asked about the referendum, including if there was another referendum would they change their vote. The answer is definitely not, the out voters meant out and no amount of blatant partiality from the BBC has changed their minds. The shame of the approach the BBC has taken is that the EU has got off the hook and has not been challenged. I think this behaviour from the BBC will come back to bite it at some point but it is insulting and painful for those of us who thought about the failures of the EU and decided that ‘small really is more beautiful’

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