The Great Debate

The British broadcasting company (BBC) is becoming more like the EBC (European broadcasting company.) My 17 year old daughter also agrees .
Most of the focus and spotlight has been given to the Remain supporters. Last night for example (there are many ) David Dimbleby soon cut the Leave advocates short when they were providing comments and answering to comments from the audience and the remain side .He was actually blatantly suppressing the comments of the leave side .The sad desperation of Sadiq Khan was palpable .
We Brits are not any fools and can see through the BBC’s rhetoric.
Johnson and accused them of taking up too much time.Not once did Dimbleby do this to the remain side. The majority of BBC coverage of the EU referendum has followed in a similar vein. Time to switch off the BBC as it’s getting ridiculous. i totally agree with what other’s have observed (not really an observation as purely blatant bias by the BBC ) .
Channel: BBC1 Programme Date: 21/06/2016 and all throughout recent Question Time Programmes David Dimbleby keeps interrupting or cutting the leave campaigners off quite abruptly and questions their comments with contempt and doubt.
The presenters do not give the leave campaign equity and the same time to speak and allow the remain side to rudely interrupt and act appallingly.
The BBC should be impartial and give equal weight to each side. Totally agree with Anthony Moriss and that :
1. David Dimbleby constantly allowed the Remain panel (especially Ruth Davidson) to interrupt the Leave panel without restraint.
2.During the second session at the back of the auditorium, the BBC presenter asked four members of the Remain group for their opinions about immigration but only for the opinion of two Leave members. If a ratio of two to one is not extreme bias in favour of Remain I don’t know what would be bias.
Sadly can’t say i am surprised.

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