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I have just seen the most biased piece of pro EU journalism from the BBC to date on the Andrew Marr show 6/3/16. Mr. Schnaubel of the EU was interviewed by Marr in hushed and fairly reverent tones allowing him to finish each and every point of negativity about Brexit. Marr even made a glowing remark about why Schnaubel was in a wheelchair which was totally irrelevant! When Marr then questioned Boris the interview was hostile, Marr constantly interrupted Boris when he tried to explain to the public what constituted the single market. I wanted to hear his points and because of Marrs interruptions I could not and neither could anyone watching! Marr then attempted to personalise his attack with a line of juvenile questions which Boris admirably try to fend off to get back to making his points. This was the most dreadful piece of pro EU journalism from the BBC I have seen so far and I think impartiality on the BBC is fast becoming a joke!

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  1. jazz606

    I saw this as well and completely agree with M.S. The interview was a disgrace and an insult to viewers, for whom Marr must have a pretty low regard if he thinks we’ll let him get away with this.

  2. GastroGolfer

    Marr has got form with Boris. In a pre 2015 election interview, Marr allowed Ed Milliband to talk over Boris several times, even though Ed had had his go (and an easy ride at that). I complained at the time. Yes, Boris has a bumbling style, but he has ideas and influence, and I, for one, would actually like to hear what he has to say. 5 minutes of people talking across each other is neither entertaining nor informative. A good interviewer should be able to manage Boris’ verbosity and still ask insightful questions. Poor show from Marr again.

  3. M Fahey

    I agree, M.S. Compared to the interview with Cameron only a couple of weeks ago, this was chaos. Cameron – allowed to speak, to get his point across without anything as small as a hiccough to interrupt him. Watching the Boris interview was like trying to hear Nigel Farage speak at a Green Party conference.
    I sent a complaint to the BBC regarding this interview – what i got back, i might as well have reprinted and used as toilet roll for the next few months.

  4. tookey2k

    Andrew Marr has alienated a lot of people – people who no doubt had some respect for him before this debacle of supposed impartial journalism. The more I see this, the more I’m voting OUT!

  5. GeriatricGranny

    I likewise have watched this show each Sunday morning for some considerable time, but on this occasion I couldnt believe what was happening, I am not Boris Johnsons biggest fan as I have had not had much reason to listen to his opinions, but Sunday was the one time when I wanted to be all ears only to constantly hear Andrew Marr get more and more agggressive and making uneccessary points such as ‘dont you think that your text message to Cameron caused Cameron to get annoyed’ what childish irresponsible way of conducting an interview. My respect and opinion of Andrew Marr has gone. At the end of his show he hurriedly turned to the music and looked as if he had nothing further to say to Mr Johnson and was in a strop like some teenager, Boris Johnson maintained his dignity and joviality and if anyone was the loser it was Andrew Marr. I for one will not bother to switch on to this biased time wasting rubbish.

  6. Tee2

    I’ve always admired Andrew Marr as being reasonably (by BBC standards) impartial but this interview was an utter disgrace, Boris was not allowed to finish any of the points he wished to pursue. The constant interruptions made the whole disjointed and hard to follow. I’m aware that Boris tends to ramble and some interventions may be needed to keep him on track but this seemed more like a deliberate attempt to sabotage the interview in order to show the Brexit campaign as incoherent and devoid of rational arguments.


    It has been a ritual in my house every Sunday, 0900hrs toast and tea sit down to Andrew Marr, I will from this Sunday be able to have a sleep in. We have three choices 1. Mr Marr has been leaned on by the BBC, 2. He is totally biased, 3 only holds selected guests to account, it has to be one of them. Compare the way he interviewed Boris Johnson then IDS against Mr Simon Stevens NHS Mr Marr did not interrupt him once, even though he never answered one question. As a pensioner I am sick of being blamed for the NHS problems, so was interested in Mr Stevens answer to the question was immigration putting pressure on the NHS, He informed us for the hundredth time we could not staff the NHS without them, we have known that from the early 60s, I was totally disgusted in his non answer, but really amazed when Mr Marr never challenged Mr Stevens answer. Would Increasing the population by over 2 million in 10 years, with NHS investment not keeping up with the vast increase will there be an impact, let me think about that for a moment. Good Bye Andrew you were my hero at one time.

    I would write to the BBC but on past record I think it would be a waste of time.

  8. Irene Peacock

    Absolutely disgusted with yet another biased interview between Andrew Marr and Boris Johnson this morning. Mr. Marr (again) did not give Boris Johnson the chance to fully answer questions without ignorantly interrupting. Very bad form on Mr. Marr’s part, I am appalled and cross with his very obvious favour of the Remain campaign. BBC should, and could, do better.

  9. keith sanders

    Today, Sunday 5th. June 2016, we saw yet again Andrew Marr repeat his constant interruptions during his interview with Boris Johnson. It was more of an interrogation. Through most of the interview on the ‘Leave the EU’ subject he did not allow Boris to finish a sentence? So much different from the way he treated John Major minutes earlier with his arguments to ‘Stay’
    I will no longer bother to watch his show. He is outrageously biased.

  10. Lyndon Liles

    I am absolutely fuming ….what on earth is Andrew Marr trying to prove. His Interview with Boris Johnson was discussing giving his interviewe absolutely no chance to complete his answers.He was certainly on an ego trip. How dare he be so rude!
    For the sake of BBC’s good name, Mr Andrew Marr should make a personal appology, on air, to Mr Johnson and also the viewers..

  11. Malcom Second

    Marr doesn’t give a hoot about Boris, hes just got a chip on his shoulders about what he perceives as the “posh and privileged” – he despises Cameron & Osborne too and is equally abusive to them.
    The whole things ironic, because if there is anyone indulging himself sand over privileged its the egotistical and uncountable Marr a real hater of free speech.

  12. David Wilmot

    Totally agree. Andrew Marr’s constant interruptions of his guests are becoming very annoying and I have even turned of because of it – very poor interviewing. I used to love the programme – no change this morning.

  13. Martin Bull

    There’s so much opportunity to make Andrew and the Andrew Marr show a ‘big hitter’. Clearly intelligent and eloquent, however as long as Andrew continues to avoid hard hitting questions and follow up with guests (particularly with left wingers) he will continue to be seen as a soft touch without a lot of credibility. I’ve just seen the shameful interview with the discredited Mandelson where he could have had Mandelson on the ropes questioning some of the ‘hollow’ Mandelson responses. Instead it seemed he put out questions to prime him. I’m now watching him with Liz Truss and he’s interrupting. more aggressive and trying to ask deeper questions. Clearly demonstrates where your politics lie Andrew and that your show will continue to be lightweight and lacking in credibility. Perhaps some coaching from Andrew Neil.
    2. Is the BBC complaints process designed to be so cumbersome as to put people off making complaints? All the requested information could be put/displayed on one page that can be completed more expediently and in a more engaging manner (they do it on the summary page)

  14. Gillian Mosely

    How can you justify 8+ minutes of Paul Nuttall, politician with no elected mandate, and, on the rare occasions when you give the LibDems any airtime they are rushed off air? This is not balance. Nor is it giving preference to the most popular elected political parties in Britain. So why on earth is this happening?

  15. Sandra Wilcock

    just watched interview with PM and what an opportunity Andrew missed when asking about pensions he didn’t bring up the stolen pensions of 1950s women to a women who also falls in this age group, she was obviously nervous this would be asked by her body language, she was clearly uncomfortable around the pensions issue, shame on you Andrew as I normally like your hard hitting stance or was this another biased masking from the bbc media ?

  16. Gordon Hunter

    Andrew Marr is very biased and constantly aggressively interrupts conservative political representatives

  17. Richard Holmes

    Andrew Marrs interview with Theresa May was rude to the extreme on Sunday.It was totally disrespectful and in very bad taste.I have watched the show for years and his aggressive approach to interviewing of the prime minister was unacceptable. Also Eddie Mairs interviewing on Thursday PM was extremely rude and in my opinion brings the BBC into disrepute.I normaly enjoy both programs but this form of interviewing should not be allowed under any circumstances.

  18. Sandra wilcock

    Seems to be the case with BBC programmes these days, anti Brexit which has been shown so many times by multi BBC programmes, I’m a woman born in 1950s and they never show anything of the women demonstrating at parliament or conservative conference for 2 examples despite many MPs of all parties supporting the WASPI campaign !!a

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