The Andrew Marr Show

Interview of Nigel Farage. Pro-EU bias. Disgraceful low blow from Andrew Marr with the oft repeated BBC scare story about Brexit effects on the pound and stock markets. AM referred to Friday falls on FTSE and sterling. In grave tones, he told us how far the stock market had fallen and the billions it had wiped off pension fund values. Funny how the BBC never headline daily gains or the billions added. Coincidentally, AM had met someone whilst out walking who was concerned about Brexit effects on his pension and finances. The very message Dave was peddling that day. How lucky to bump into that walker (ha ha). AM then connected stock market and currency falls with Brexit. The BBC know full well the reasons were a sharp drop in the oil price, ECB QE and downgrades for global growth. For Marr to make such a misleading link was blatant pro-EU propaganda.

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  1. Dudley Butler

    He wasn’t the only pro EU programme every news time is Biest and disregarded the out campaign views.

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