Referendum coverage

This complaint relates to the entire BBC coverage after the referendum, and not to any specific programme but ALL programmes. The obvious slant of presenting only the views of “Remain” camp after the referendum has been in no way balanced. Where are the interviews with the “Leave” supporters? In addition, why have none of your people presented the stark fact that, if the voting in Scotland was removed from the equation, the majority in favour of Brexit in the remaining parts of the British Isles is absolutely staggering? Instead of pointing that out, the BBC have amazingly chosen to concentrate on opinion in London. Beyond that of course are the accusations that the younger generation have somehow been sold out by the Baby Boom generation. The demographics however prove that the younger generation failed to turn out to vote. If the younger generation could not be bothered to vote, they are little more than victims of their own lethargy.

I am absolutely disgusted by the failure of the BBC to give the “Leave” campaign (and therefore the majority of our population) a level playing field of air time now the votes have been counted. It is not in the national interest to continue in this way, because we now need to heal the rifts and work together for a brighter future – which will be outside the EU.

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  1. Mullan J

    Absolutely appaling BBC biased coverage. When we get less busy we need to make changes with the BBC. The public has a long memory.

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