Question Time Extra Time

Adrian Chiles and his Scottish co-presenter are outrageously pushing Leave phone-in contributors to discuss the option of a parliamentary vote on the terms of Brexit. Their bias is so obvious I have switched the programme off. The BBC must be held to account.

One Comment on ““Question Time Extra Time”

  1. D L M Stringer

    I agree that the BBC reporters are completely biased. Their attitude is similar to the late, but not missed, Lord Haw Haw. The difference is that he was pro-nazi and the present mob are pro marxist.
    I agree also that the BBC needs to be curbed and action taken to ensure honest reporting. The question is what action can be taken? Would it be possible to start an online petition seeking that the issue be debated in Parliament? I believe 100000 people are required to ensure the issue becomes a mandatory requirement. Then pressure can be brought to individual MPs ensuring they support the democratic will of the people.
    There is manifestly a movement afoot in the UK to stop the democratic vote of the British people. That is a slippery slope and may lead to direct confrontation in the streets. This movement and the implied violence is supported by the BBC. This must stop. If Parliament rejected the petition, then the people of this country may well need to resort to more direct action, such as a mass refusal to pay the licence fee that supports the lifestyle of overpaid hacks!

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