Question Time

Once again the pro-brexit campaigner was out numbered 3 to 1 by panel members, without Dimbleby’s thinly veiled opposition to anything suggesting leaving the EU.

Together with a Karnal Ahmed and Nick Watts in other places, these days the BBC is so unobjective that it’s become boring. The Daily Politics (Jo Cockburn see above), Newsnight (Evan Davis) or The Marr programme which is really a ‘remainer’ political broadcast with the namesake embarrassingly complete Brussels advocate.

David Dimbleby’s insistence that the audience is ‘selected’ to avoid bias is simply axiomatically disproportionate to view.

Doesn’t anyone in the BBC actually watch what happens objectively any more.

I’m 72 years of age and was (up till the Referendum) an avid lifetime follower of the Beeb’s current affairs programmes including ‘Today’ and Jonathen Dimbleby’s Radio 4 audio alternate to his brother’s visual presentation.

My life now has something missing, trust and a real feeling of dispossession …

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