Question Time

BBC Bias for Remain
You keep rebroadcasting “The Case for Remain”, like on 19th June twice and at 8pm BBC Parliament 20 June You show no such consideration for the Case for Leave.
The first supposed Leave rebroadcast was cancelled due Cox murder moratorium
Both Remain and Leave may have 1 more rebroadcast very later night in coming nights.
That does not take away that you will have twice more shown Remain at good times.
The argument “Cameron is Prime Minister, so more important” does not hold up as it was on behalf of Remain campaign, and it was as leader of the same, that he was there.
Yesterday -19th – you SHOULD have followed the rebroadcast of Cameron with the rebroadcast of Gove
At the least you should rebroadcast Leave around 11 pm on one of the main channels in the coming days, apart from the already scheduled late night broadcasts of each side, and appropriately advertise such rebroadcast so people know about it.

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