Kirsty Wark seemed way out of her depth & getting confused with her subject matter, following Newsnight’s Business Editor Helen Thomas’s piece on aviation post-Brexit, including Open Sky agreements, which finished with the suggestion that “we may be in for a very bumpy ride”. Kirsty interviewed a seemingly staunch pro-Remain studio guest, aviation economist Peter Morris of Flight Global, then when her other guest Jacqueline Foster MEP, a Transport spokesman specialising in this area in Brussels, (this reference conspicuously omitted from KW’s introduction) spoke via video link & corrected some misleading statements & those from the studio guest, she was cut off by Kirsty Wark who continued instead putting questions to Peter Morris. When she did eventually get to speak, and asked KW to allow her to finish, Jacqueline Foster referred to KW’s studio guest being extremely negative. When she said “I have to take on board & challenge some of the points your studio guest is raising”, Kirsty Wark cut her off again, saying “very briefly back to my guest here in the studio”, allowing Peter Morris the final say before bringing the interview to a close, with Jacqueline Foster seen -& ignored by Kirsty Wark- on screen in the background continuing to speak ,but her comments unheard by the viewers. This was very rude and yet again an example of how the BBC continues to misrepresent and mis-report anything Brexit, on this occasion by stifling argument to their preferred position. Last night’s imbalanced interviews were quite disgraceful and left me shaking with anger; it was so predictably one-sided. God knows how Jacqueline Foster must’ve felt at the way she was treated, constantly interrupted by the interviewer. She said during the interview that she was at a distinct disadvantage by not being in the studio where she would’ve been better situated to properly take issue with some of the negative & misleading comments coming from Kirsty Wark’s studio guest Peter Morris.
There was some irony too in the previous night’s Newsnight programme with Kirsty Wark discussing with 2 studio guests the topic of the use of that word “elite”. But there were no references (surprise, surprise) to mounting accusations directed at the BBC for their contribution within the mainstream media of “liberal elite ” negative criticism of anything Brexit.

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