I do not understand why Nick Clegg was chosen to interview people in Ebbw Vale,about why they voted for Brexit. The programme was clearly biased due to Mr. Cleggs subconcious bias influenced by his privileged education ( Private prep and senior schools). A fleeting visit by a person who has not really worked in business, is part of the existing EU establishment ( worked for 10 years in the EU and has a dependent pension), has not really mixed with people who have a different educational background to himself.

The interview should have been managed by a qualified journalist with a neutral position followed by comments from people representing both leaveand remain

Unfortunately, the message delivered by Mr. Clegg ( which is not surprising given his bias ) was , people voted leave in Ebbw Vale because of immigration,despite the generosity of EU funds towards new buildings.

He should have interviewed people who voted for other reasons e.g. They do not agree with a federal state system – they want parliament to make the decisions-they want investment into attracting new companies not buildings.

I hope the BBC did not pay Nick Clegg for this part of the programme- please could this be confirmed

A terrible piece of journalism .

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  1. Linda Ivin

    Totally agree with what you say. I am finding Newsnight to be terribly biased and incapable of decent and fair journalism

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