The Newsnight presenter was discussing the Prime Minister’s speech on exiting the EU. He spoke to the Works and Pensions Secretary in which he basically ignored what he was saying and kept stating the EU already had free trade so why would they go for that and kept cutting the responses off. Which of course is not true as when we leave the EU they would not have free trade unless an agreement was made. But more concerning for me was when he spoke to the Italian Minister for European Affairs in which his language was highly biased. On commenting on the Prime Minister’s speech he used words like Demands and Threats which the PM used, when clearly this was not the case, words like proposals would have been the correct course of action. Where is the unbiased, even handed coverage of the BBC gone? It used to give a two sided, intelligent argument on any issue but now seems to have decided on its own political agenda and sticks to it. Regardless of voting remain or leave it should be a clear, intelligent discussion on issues, not a pitchfork gang going after the sensationalism and making the public divided in the most unproductive way.

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  1. Brian Jones

    I agree wholeheartedly with the above assessment of that it was totally biased and childish journalism.

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