During last night’s Newsnight John Sweeney’s report on the murder of a Polish man in Harlow seemed determined to prejudge the motive as a hate crime and imply that it was somehow the result of the Brexit vote. Sweeney interviewed a local Polish resident who was visibly distressed. “I don’t want to name names” said the man but Sweeney egged him on, “No, go on, go on”, until he laid blame on Brexit and announced that Nigel Farage had ‘Blood on his hands’. It was the opinion of an understandably upset and concerned local Polish resident but it was quite outrageous to broadcast it. The comment should have been edited from the report – and yet not only was it not edited out it was used as the primary point of the piece. It was not a report of a senseless murder, instead the murder was used to suit the ongoing narrative of the Brexit vote causing harm and emboldening racists. Today the Policeman responsible for the case, Detective Chief Inspector Martin Pasmore, said: “It’s concerning that the widespread media are reporting this as a hate crime, when in fact that is no more than one line of inquiry, in a number of inquiries, which we are delving into to try and establish the truth, to establish that sequence of events that led to Mr Jozwik’s tragic death.” It was an outrageous attempt to conflate a murder with Brexit but it suited the ongoing BBC anti-Brexit agenda.
I’d also add that I doubt we have heard the last about airing a potentially actionable slur against Nigel Farage personally.

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