Newsnight, in line with the relentless editorial narrative of the last week, ran a wholly positive piece on Theresa May followed by a cozy chat with a supporter. Followed immediately by a damning piece on Michael Gove and an interview with a Theresa May supporter and a Gove supporter, with the Gove supporter subject to the now standard heckling interview technique adopted by BBC to any leave campaigners who continue to show no remorse. The BBCwebsite running a piece entitled 4 ways to get a good deal from the EU, with a picture of Theresa May. I thought BBCdid a reasonably good job of being balanced before the vote but since the vote it has acted in a divisive and negative fashion, pushing forward all bad news and promoting the idea that the decision was wrong. My faith in the bbc will probably never be recovered due to what i have seen in these 7 days

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