One Comment on ““Newsnight”

  1. Jonathan Brockett

    Evan Harold Davis on Newsnight very cleverly used his questions to push his views, he refused as he regularly does to allow a voice to an opinion he might disagree with. The problem is I found it hard to disagree with Crispin Blunt myself because I never really heard an answer. The first few minutes of the interview were ok,but when Evan says now a quick fire round of questioning he the frames a question over 40 seconds and interrupts the answer Crispin gives within4 or 5 seconds. He then continues this strategy of never letting an answer be heard. If you compare this with the way he interviews pro remain and the lefty liberal you get to understand Evan’s views? BBC views? but you also understand that he tries and on the whole succeeds to shut down opposing views or possibly just views the BBC does not want aired?
    Evan’s interviews regularly end up being Evan talking over a view he disagrees with before that view has even been expressed and shutting down the conversation. I now think of Newsnight as Evan’s monologues with some guests saying erm in between.

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