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The coverage in this programme, and in many other programmes, of the reasons for Brexit seems to entirely ignore the fact that sovereignty & democracy were the main reasons most people voted to leave. A minority of Leave voters did so because they wanted a different immigration policy; this minority is divided into two broad camps:
(A) Those, such as Daniel Hannan who are happy with current levels of immigration but want priority by skills rather than EU nationality, and
(B) Those that just seem to want less migration.
Listening to the BBC output, one could easily be mislead into believing that Leave voters were anti immigration and anti immigrant. Not only is this untrue of the vast majority of Leave voters, but the corporation is doing a disservice to the public by ignoring the issues of Sovereignty and the ant-democratic practices of the EU. In particular there seems to have been no BBC coverage of President of the European Parliament Martin Schultz’s saying “The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate” – an amazing example of the EU’s blatant contempt for democracy that motivates me and many other Leave voters

There have been several regrettable incidents since last Thursday, including an attack on the Polish Center in Hammersmiith, but proper reporting of these incidents, if linked to Brexit, should at least mention the immediate condemnation from all sides (in Hammersmith this was lead by Cllr Harry Phibbs, perhaps the local Leave campaign’s highest profile activist. The BBC’s coverage of such incidents does nothing to correct what seems to be an orchestrated EU-fanatical campaign to de-legitimize the referendum vote by misrepresenting the 17m+ Leavers as people that support such attacks.

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