News at Ten

Every night BBC TV News reporting on the EU referendum favours the Brexit cause over the Remain cause. A concrete example is Kuennsberg’s description of Theresa May as a “reluctant Remainer” when nothing in the interview she had just conducted with May suggested any hesitation on May’s part; indeed May had explained how her experience of negotiating with EU partners led her to believe that security from terrorism within the EU was better served by remaining within the EU. Kuennsberg’s own pro-Brexit view seems apparent every night, but there is a general pro-Brexit bias in reporting, subtly conveyed in use of language, emphasis and sequencing, present too in certain other journalists’ reports. Also, many more pro-Brexit than pro-Remain vox pop opinions, often more vehemently expressed, are broadcast. Only Katya Adler can be relied upon to give a balanced, neutral account.

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