News At 6 O Clock

I am absolutely sick of the clear biased coverage on the EU referendum by the BBC, especially in recent weeks. As usual, at the start of the 6 o clock news, it leads in with positive sounding remain campaign headlines featuring David Cameron. It then quickly switched to a negative headline of a teenager verbally attacking Boris Johnson and the leave campaign. Once again the BBC is more than willing to associate negativity with the leave campaign in it’s reporting on the EU referendum. There have been several instances on recent news programmes of Nick Robinson constantly attacking Nigel Farage, especially when he released the first of a recent poster campaign. Yet there are no similar interviews conducted and shown by the BBC of its reporters attacking members of the remain campaign in a similar way because of the views that they may have. The BBC has become a complete embarrassment in recent weeks. I do not pay my license fee, to be forced fed political propaganda, no matter who it favours. I would pay for and read a national newspaper if I wanted that. I have lost all respect for the BBC and its biased programming agenda, so I will no longer be watching BBC channels and will be cancelling my TV license at the first opportunity.

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