Bias. 2 anti brexit headlines. No positives ever mentioned. The stories are light on facts and are a real reach. One implying Lloyds are moving jobs to the EU. One implying that British people are trying to become EU passport holders. Not news. Im sure there are some but the main flow is and always will be the other way. Ask some 18 -30s in Greece or Spain. Just Propaganda. Should not be news. I have written to the BBC, third time this year. No responses ever. Why no positives there are so many. Exported, free trade, comment wealth, democratic deficit eliminated, pressure of the NHS, Cutting red tape, Balance of payments, extra tax gained, not being part of the organisation that cant change and that benefits Germany over unemployed youth in Spain and Greece.

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  1. Margo Ringla

    I agree Phil. As soon as Teresa May announced a general election the BBC couldn’t resist interviewing people who had negative views !! One pompous offical on newswatch said that the BBC will report what they think is right and not what others see as bias, even though they had an overwhelming amount of complaints from the public. I for one, on hearing that, promptly signed a petition to the Governement for a hearing of the removal of the licence fee. If they carry on with such bias why should the country have to pay a licence fee for the supposed unbiased reporting?

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