Post referendum results has seen the BBC portray the leave voter as alow educated working class person .
However in contrast they have sought out university students and high profile businesses such as Ryan air who clearly are not going to support the British vote.
They have sensationalised the stock markets and currency “crashes” . In fact the markets only fell to the level seen in February. This was not made clear.
I as a leave voter have been made to feel by their reporting of this historical event as a naughty schoolboy who now has to pay the consequences of my actions. If this country cannot rely on its news channels to support and bolster national pride then I feel all those currently crying over spilt milk will eventually erode away the fighting proud spirit of this country. I say to all those who wish to moan or undermine the country’s vote, or move their businesses elsewhere ” close the door quietly behind you and watch us grow stronger than ever before”

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  1. D L M Stringer

    Ryan Air are the worst airline carrier in the world and is run by a spiv! It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the spiv supports the EU! They have protected him so that he can rip off punters!

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