Interview with Crispin Blunt. Complaint sent to BBC immediately afterwards.

Complaint Summary: Appalling, rude behaviour of Evan Davis ongoing.

Full Complaint: Throughout the referendum campaign we have been subjected to biased reporting, blatant lies and appalling behaviour. The BBC should have its licence revoked for condoning this behaviour. Tonight just showed how arrogant overpaid presenters have become. The BBC should also learn to keep up with breaking news. It is regularly running in arrears and has done all it can to inflame situations and cutting off the leave campaign mid sentence. Totally corrupt and appalling behaviour.

One Comment on ““Newnight”

  1. Geoff Wiod

    Commercial media have an agenda to dramatise and divide with their reporting as it baits the audience and increases viewers. The BBC often follows this path too, unfortunately and weakly. But in this case, Davis was simply forgetting himself I felt it was the views of a luvie media set being projected – as if these people live in a bubble of their own and assume their views are the only ones reasonable.

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