Mock The Week

When I heard Nish Kumar and James Acaster accuse over half of British voters of being racist for opting to leave the EU I had to re-wind just to confirm that I had understood correctly the gist of their comments! I was astounded. We’ve long had to endure the supercilious quips of Hugh Dennis and other panel members who regularly insinuate that anyone who didn’t vote to remain in the EU is a racist, bigoted, half wit but to make this accusation quite so bluntly was remarkable not only for the incredible ignorance, bitterness and vitriol of the comments but also because these two clowns clearly felt that a BBC programme was a safe platform from which to make these remarks. James Acaster even remarked ‘that won’t make it in’ – indicating his recognition that he had crossed a red line and that the comments would be edited out before being broadcast but clearly this didn’t happen. Comedy is a powerful tool and we should not be naïve enough to think that this is all just a bit of fun. The panel guests are clearly smart and funny people otherwise they wouldn’t be on the TV. They know full well that they have a great deal of influence and that they reach an audience of millions. I appreciate that they feel injured at having lost the political argument but they must not be allowed to abuse their influence by serving up slander thinly disguised as comedy.

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