Jeremy Vine Show

Almost every day Jeremy Vine uses the subject of the day to reopen the discussion of the possibility of reversing Brexit. His daily bias is so unashamedly transparent it is laughable. I often have to change channels.. He gives unfair advantage to those speaking against Brexit and repeatedly guides the general inferance that people who voted for Brexit were stupid & didnt know what they were doing. Jeremy would be surprised how many Academics, Landowners, business owners, young professionals, farmers, Lawyers, even financial services people here in the North voted to leave Europe and knew exactly why and what the immediate and long term consequences would be and will be. This was a democratic decision by the largest electoral turnout in history and Jeremy Vine and the wider BBC need to accept it or I am afraid your days as an independent and impartial broadcaster are over. NOBODY in this country wants a State TV service like in North Korea and the BBC is fast becoming such. The BBC used to be impartial..But no more, and everybody knows it. It is a big shame because the technical quality of the service is second to none.

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