Jeremy Vine Item in question starts from beginning of above clip
Item broadcast just 2 days before vote. Audience 8 million mainly middle age to older listeners.
Programme item title: – Remain warning of economic turmoil if we leave the EU, but are you someone saying “Bring on the Crash, Britain needs it”
This segment was then about whether this crash in the pound, a drop in house prices of 18% and a fall in the value of shares and thus peoples pensions would be a good thing, particularly for young people.
There was a very brief couple of unnoticeable mentions at the very start of the programme saying “the leave side question whether there will be a crash, but the whole rest of the piece was done under the scenario of a crash in the pound. The 2 guests were a George Osbourne chief of staff from Black Rock – the worlds biggest asset management (Vine emphasising BIGGEST to show credible guest) saying the crash would be a very bad thing and a young journalist saying they would be happy if house prices crashed 18%. There was no attempt whatsoever by Jeremy Vine during the discussions to point out that a Leave vote might not lead to any of this crash scenario. The item went on and on about would the crash be good for young people and did they care if it was bad for older people. (the probable listeners). Two days before the referendum, this level of blatant bias was probably one of the worst I’ve heard.

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