Jeremy Vine

An interview was arranged head to head between Nigel Lawson and Neil Kinnock under the heading of those politicians that have changed their minds over Europe and these were invited to put their story. However what the program failed to mention was that Neil Kinnock was along with his wife, appointed an EU commissioner and as such became multi millionaires from their positions. What was also not mentioned was that it was Neil Kinnock that sacked Marta Andreasen the EU chief Auditor, after she reported that Fraud and Theft from the EU ran into billions of euros and she could not sign off the accounts. This man and his wife were bought and paid for by the EU and supported the attempted cover up of fraud and theft. The EU made them both multimillionaires from taxpayers money, they are not fit to give any kind of opinion about the EU.

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  1. Julie

    Read her book Brussels Laid Bare. The Leave campaign should also have pointed this out. Also the Jean Monnet quote That the EU is a superstate, that the public should not be told this, that the EU would be all about economics to conceal the true meaning of the EU to bring about a Federal supersater , the FCO 30/1048 document showing how the public were lied to by Edward Heath and then Harold Wilson, this should be the core of the Leave EU campaign

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