have i got news for you

Totally disgusting behavior and attitude of Hislop and the others on the panel.This used to be one of the shows I had great respect for and the this edition and the previous weeks just sunk it. Listen to the viewers and shake it up and while you are doing that turn down the volume of the hysterical
audience. I cannot remember watching a satisfying episode since, dare I say it Hislop, BREXIT.

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  1. Linda Jones

    I agree wholeheartedly. My husband watches this excuse for what should be a jocular and light-hearted panel game, so I am reluctantly exposed to it to some extent. The sneering and arrogantly patronising attitude of most panellists regarding ‘Brexiteers’, under the thin guise of ‘comedy’, is infuriating to any right-thinking viewer. It is often foul-mouthed, deliberately offensive, shallow schoolboy humour. I realise that this offence is the purpose of those on the panel, but of course it also fulfils the objective of the BBC generally – to make the people’s will over ‘Brexit’ seem ill-advised, misguided and ill-conceived because the BBC considers the majority of the population to be deserving of nothing better. The BBC audience is obviously chosen for their ability of watching the cues that tell them to scream and laugh hysterically about every unfunny, poorly formulated insults to ‘Brexit’. (Incidentally, ‘Private Eye’ used to be an amusing, entertaining, acerbically a-political publication – but since Hislop decided to declare himself a ‘Remoaner’ the magazine has become disappointingly irrelevant.)

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