Have I Got News For You

Jacob Rees Mogg ridiculed and mocked by panel.
Another typical three against one farce in the name of satire. I now expect the BBC to play dirty and realise that they don’t care, so long as they can stir it up but seriously… have a care! With Hislop and Merton so obviously anti Brexit and proud to highlight this EVERY WEEK; maybe two panel guests should be subjected to their rudeness each episode, rather than this continued three pronged attack. Would lend more gravitas. Perhaps this is the point, this is why they do it….bit like bullies, safety in gangs maybe. It may have been funny at the time and people probably did laugh but this sort of churlish and provoking behaviour sticks in people’s minds… in the strangest way. Next time someone considers the comedic relevance of HIGNFY, who knows, they may just decide that this satire show is possibly a little tired and really not that funny anymore.

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  1. Kevin Sanders

    HIGNFY is still funny and I’m surprised you seem to have missed the point. The ribbing guests get from Ian and Paul, far from being ridiculed, they get a chance to show how grounded and what good sports they are. They wouldn’t be guests if they didn’t want to be.
    I think the people on this site see the negatives they are looking for and have suffered a massive sense of humour failure.

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