I refer to the interview between Ian Duncan Smith and Stephen Sackur on the Hardtalk programme. While I appreciate that the programme is intended to be a ’tough’ interview this was biased to the point of total distortion as to the true facts of the issue. Sackur repeatedly quoted statistics as undeniable facts which were in actuality arbitrary predictions by a largely discredited Chancellor made several weeks before the referendum. If those ‘facts’ had become reality by now unemployment in the UK would be as appalling as it is in Spain, Italy ,France etc and the stock market would have disappeared though a hole in the ground. Clearly this hasn’t happened (neither has the emergency budget)
The programme degenerated into a shouting match between Duncan Smith and Sackur rendering both men unintelligible. The reason for this was that IDS was attempting to answer the question put to him and when Sackur disagreed with the way the answer was going attempted to stop IDS by bawling another question at him. IDS carried on with his answer raising his voice to nearly the same level.
As a matter of fact I thought IDS did quite well (never thought much as him as a debater before) while Sackur came across as an unpleasant biased thug whose arrogance was only equalled by his absence of manners.
The only question left after that fiasco of an interview is should the BCC be dismantled or should the whole place cleaned out and replaced by civilised people from outside London who hopefully represent the population at large

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  1. D L M Stringer

    In my opinion, it is time that marxist, loud and foul mouthed so-called presenters are immediately removed from the BBC. The over paid, ignorant and idiotic idiots are bringing this country into disrepute. They appear to forget that a MAJORITY voted to leave the EU. It is time the same majority demand that the biased BBC is reformed. The threat of non-compliance with the paying of excessive tax to line the pockets of no-hopers in any other field would give the government the means to destroy the anti-British BBC!

  2. Peter

    Sackur, an intelligent man. many of whose interviews I have enjoyed, is clearly an intentionally destructive and pessimistic remoaner who projects his negativity and non impartiality adding to the BBC’s overall Europhile bias and is helping to fuel that self fulfilling prophecy syndrome of self harm which after a clear referendum result does the national future no favours…..

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