Five live

I have just listened to a women BBC interviewer asking an elderly lady if she was happy that she voted to leave. She proceeded to say she wasn’t expecting a win for exit and had she known she wouldn’t have voted that way!!!! It was absolutely appalling, they didn’t give an alternative view of someone who was happy about voting out. Myself and fellow exiters have been appalled at he BBC coverage over the past weeks. I have stopped watching or listening to it in protest. They are not the only ones sky news, channel 4, itv, they are all guilty. It is quite scary. In spite of this we didn’t break under pressure. Also on Look North Friday 6.30pm, the two presenters were bereft, we were left in no doubt as to which way they voted, their demeanour was as if they had been a death in the family, never once did they say anything positive, even when other subjects came up. I thought they were going to cry!!!!! Democracy won out in the end inspire of bias.

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