The BBC’s Assistant Political Editor – Norman Smith was asked about the BBC’s coverage of the EU Referendum. His opening line was “it is the fundamental story of who are we, are we part of Europe or are we something slightly different”. Some months ago Leave campaigners took the BBC for task for talking about the fact that the vote was not about the UK leaving Europe but rather it was about the UK leaving the EU. If one of the people controlling the way the debate on the BBC is still using this subtle misuse of language what hope do we have for having fair and balanced reporting?

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  1. Alan Evans

    In general I believe that the coverage is biased towards the remain campaign particularly when questioning leading proponents for each camp.

  2. Kieran Simkin

    Its bothering me how BBC news keep saying how Theresa May was “not invited” to various EU meetings. Its emotionally charged terminology – plays on people’s fear of missing out – of course she wasn’t invited to a meeting in which they discuss their negotiating position, you wouldn’t expect her to be.

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