There has been many, many examples of bias I have noticed from the BBC, I am shocked that they can promote themselves to the world as unbiased! Eastenders was just the latest example. Recently there was grafiti on the Vic saying something like Poles go home and then recently the Vic couldnt afford to pay English companies to fix their roof which is threatening their business. Then a Polish worker comes in a saves the day with cheap rates. Then the loan from an English property owner and so called friend that the Vic was using to pay the Pole was recalled. Then the Pole gets involved with a family and friends pancake run on pancake day including his enemy Ian Beal. Ian almost has a heart attack and of course the Pole is the first there to save the day and cuddling Ian in a scene of emotion at his home after. This has nothing to do with my feelings about Polish people. Even though I am pro-Brexit, my opinion is the Poles have history during the war of supporting us and we should be remembering that. Their may be examples experienced of people suffering from competitively cheap labour but ultimately they are our friends and maybe we should reduce our prices. Increasing prices is only fuelling interest rates anyway. The point is I am shocked and ashamed by the BBC, I find myself shouting at the TV and wish some of the media would out them.

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  1. alison golino

    I find it so annoying when the writers of these programmes use their position to try to influence audiences opinions. Its not the first time the BBC has overlooked these indiscretions and I am sure it wont be the last. Lets hope they continue to not regulate which will lead to enough people getting fed up and call for no more licence fee!!!

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