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Jo Coburn was blatantly biased, claiming that the fall in the value of the pound and The FTSE 100 was evidence that we are going into meltdown following Brexit. Did the BBC’s ‘experts’ not expect this to happen in the days following the referendum? Owen Patterson, who was a guest, was calm, reasoned and reassuring and was constantly interrupted by Jo Coburn as he attempted to answer her questions(?) for that read assertions, At one point Owen Patterson, quite reasonably said that she was now helping to change Project Fear into Project Hysteria to which she sneered. To compound everything, they had former BBC lefty Paul Mason, her guest of the day, nodding approval at everything she said. Utterly disgraceful, with the full weight of the mainstream media, various self interested ‘businessmen’, politicians , luvvies and charities etc , the British people voted by a majority of almost 1.3m to leave the EU and the state broadcaster should respect that decision and inform in an unbiased way. Absolutely disgraceful, time to end the TV tax.

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