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Daily Politics today visited Norwich and discussed the link between education, age and a desire to leave the EU, of course (and we’ve heard it before) if you’re older and/or less well educated you’re more likely to want out of the EU. This lead onto a snippet from a Bert Bakker of Amsterdam University who had surveyed the personalities of Dutch voters to determine their attitudes towards politics. Let me just repeat that, ‘DUTCH’ voters, not British voters so how is this relevant to our referendum? And how precisely do you survey a personality? Obviously you ask a series of leading questions contrived to arrive at a particular conclusion. Like statistics this allows you prove any point you wish to establish. Of course the BBC did not provide any information upon how Mr. Bakker (who I would venture is a Europhile) had arrived at his conclusions but allowed the gentleman to voice his ‘research’ findings as follows:
‘He says those with pro-EU views tended to be “more open-minded, more curious” and also “more trusting, caring, tender-minded”. Meanwhile, anti-EU voters were “a little bit more closed-minded”, less trusting, but also “a little bit less full of fantasy”.
He insists he is not making “a value judgement” about voters.’
The above quote was taken directly from the EU referendum live updates on the BBC site.

Clearly this is a message the BBC wish to perpetuate, that all Brexiters are ignorant, bigoted, uncaring old fogeys with no imagination and that should the voting public wish to disassociate themselves with being labelled as any of the above they should vote to remain. This is not the first time the BBC have tried the tactic of insinuating that Brexiters are deficient in some respect or racists, but this close to the referendum it is utterly unforgivable and I will be demanding an apology.
As an art graduate with a post graduate teaching qualification I take exception to the implication that I lack imagination or am uneducated.
It would seem to me furthermore that it is those who wish to remain who lack vision and curiosity since they are the ones who speak constantly of the ‘risk’ of leaving and maintaining the status quo.

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