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Sent to the BBC:
Yet again your participants were confusing the political project of the EU with a geographical area known as ‘Europe’.
That we have chosen to leave the political project, of ‘ever closer union’, does not mean that we are detaching ourselves from the geographical area in which we are placed. You are aware of this, so why, like the politicians, are you deliberately deluding your viewers?

And why the angst over the sentience of animals? The EU Withdrawal Bill is not the place to cover this issue. Furthermore the Bristish have, and always will, be far more concerned for the well being of animals than our continental neighbours.
Take the export of live animals for example. The British ruled that this practice was illegal, only to have the ruling overturned by the EU Court. Once freed from the EU and ECJ Britain will, once more, be able to make its own rules – and abide by them.

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