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Jo Coburn interviews John Redmond from leave means leave and Jenny Chapman, Labour shadow Brexit minister. Her line of questioning was very aggressive only towards John Redmond and her interruptions were constant. Conversely she allowed Jenny Chapman uninterrupted and off subject answers to go unquestioned, without interruption. I recorded the Programme and played it back to myself and the bias is extreme. I shall again be complaining to the BBC, unfortunately for the 5th time in a year and the 2nd time about the same interviewer. I did used to like Jo Coburn and in many other subject matters she is able to mask her bias with professionalism, however I believe the BBC either need to remove her from Brexit interviews or give her a major education on current customs procedures under WTO rules, because she is clearly lacking. I say this having worked in the international logistics industry for 38 years including managing the largest inland clearance port in the UK.

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