Britain & Europe: The Immigration Question

In the BBC program “Britain & Europe: The Immigration Question”, presenter Mishal Husain painted a distinctly one-sided picture of migration into the UK. Insofar as supporters of leaving the EU were featured, their opinions were generally attacked, sometimes in advance of being aired.

Not so for Europhiles; for example: The SNP does not represent the majority of people in Scotland yet its position was lauded as if it was the only one tolerated there. After a short setup piece that would delight any pro-EU advocate, SNP MP Stephen Gethins was allowed to extol his party’s views on immigration without reply from anyone of a different mind.

The program was not, as described, “an impartial insight”, as much as it was a work of sophistry and propaganda in favour of the remain camp. In the run-up to the EU referendum on June 23, no level of bias is acceptable. Regardless, this broadcast came across as an hour long pro-EU advertisement smelling of panic and prejudice. When will the establishment learn that they must not treat the public so shabbily?

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