Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

This programme was ridiculous, literally laughable, in it’s anti-Brexit bias: Laura Kuensberg sneeringy led us through snippets of interviews with Brexit ministers (she does a good sneer, does Ms Kuensberg), and the remainder of those interviewed were relentlessly negative (apart from a couple of chaps talking with Tim Fallon, who were actually slightly upbeat). We even got Tony Blair (no sneers for him) and I was even expecting Michaael Heseltine and the dreaded Gina Miller, but we were spared them this time. But this is no laughing matter. We need to be abe to trust the BBC to guide us through this critical Brexit time with fairness and with impartiality, above all.

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  1. Stuart Bond

    Absolutely agree with everything said. I, along with many others are disgusted with the attitude of the BBC.

    As an unwilling financial contributor to BBC funding, I find it morally wrong to continue contributing to an organisation that is also funded by the EU & bring with its impartial status into disrepute.

    Biased programming, audiences & reporting have seriously diminished its standing within world media reporting. To air they own political views & agendas, whilst trying to sell these ideas as the British publics views is dishonest, if not illegal.

    The BBC is no longer impartial & should lose all public funding & they should be forced to remove British for their title.

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