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I ‘ve sent this to the ‘Have your say’ contact and am following it you with yourselves and another news watchdog website:

My impression of the BBC editorial since the BREXIT vote is one of the BBC focusing more on BREXIT fears and uncertainty, pushing its own agenda and reflecting the views and bias of the editorial team. Today’s news appears to be another example. No mention of an agreement between Mr Holland and Theresa May regarding the retaining of the existing agreements on border controls and other positive aspects of their talks close to the concerns of many voters.. This from a major newspaper front page article:

It follows warnings during the EU referendum campaign that the controls, which mean people are checked in France before arriving in the UK, would end and Britain would be forced to take sole responsibility for screening and security.

“We are both very clear that the agreement should stay”, Mrs May said, while the French President added that the agreement is useful to both countries.

“We consider it as our duty … to apply it and also to improve it” he added.

Mr Hollande also said that British people living and working in France can stay “as long as they like”, adding that he expects a reciprocal agreement to be reached for French citizens in the UK.

There will also be greater cooperation between the the nations on security and anti-terror measures, the two leaders agreed, as they met in the wake of the attacks in Nice.

Yet you did focus on the more negative pronouncement regarding ‘free-movement’…

It’s time this bias was investigated. Let’s see what we can do.


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