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After the PM ‘s speech stating aims for Brexit I felt it was all negative interviewing without a balance of views. The worst example was Nick Clegg ‘s wife M D Gonzalez. Since when has she become a political pundit, who proceeded to lecture on how certain nuances & influences could negatively affect EU citizens in the UK. Talk about hypocrisy. I lived in Spain her home country for 10 years & was made to jump through hoops to become a resident even though I bought my own house had private means to keep myself. All my paperwork had to be interpreted by an official translator at great cost, I had to have medical insurance, be fingerprinted as foreigners made to use a separate entrance at the town hall signposted as “Extranereous ” the word for foreigner. The other side of how UK citizens are treated by the EU is never highlighted. I don’t appreciate this failed politicians wife, who was recently flogging her cook book on the BBC giving her v biased views !

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  1. Gill Carter

    I agree with all the comments posted, and would like to say that I am sick of the BBC and various ‘remoaners’ talking our country and government down at every available opportunity.
    Why on earth would anyone want to listen to the opinions of the Cleggs?
    It is time the BBC reflected all of their viewers and listeners views and opinions, not just the favoured few LLE’s (Lefty London Elites) and their own political views.

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