The BBC held two interviews one with a Remoan whose name I didn’t catch and the other was that Thornberry woman. Both were spouting misinformation about the ills of Brexit. Neither were challenged and as usual there was no opposing view. This illustrates how effective amongst the Marxists , and the BBC in its entirety, is that the bribe of £2,000,000 still holds good. The BBC is a public broadcaster and the public by a good majority voted to leave the EU not parts of it but the whole stinking mess. The BBC should be sold off and I should not have to be compelled by law to pay £150pa for something I seldom watch as its programmes are dumbed down to suit the ignorant masses. It is now a propaganda tool in the hand of a bunch of Marxist egotistical half wits

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  1. D L M Stringer

    Well said! For many years now, I have known that the BBC is a Marxist front. In the 1950s my father applied to work for the BBC. He was highly qualified. He was told by others that unless he was very left wing he would not be employed by the BBC so he joined the Communist Party. Even that was not enough. He was told he was not suitable because he was not left wing enough.

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