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The BBC is portraying the vote leave demographic as purely uneducated, poor and anti-immigration, living in squalor and probably unable to make an informed decision on the process. The members of “what now” continue to bash the vote leave stating they are misguided and exagerating the negativity of the decision. The BBC is so totally biased toward remain and has been so throughout the campaign, particularly on the BBC news App where nothing but negativity toward exit has been displayed and absolutely nothing with any positivity should it happen.

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  1. Susannah Middleton

    I’m very disappointed with the manner in which the BBC is reporting these very extraordinary times. I frequently use BBC news as the ‘go to’ news channel to keep updated with developments, however, I’m becoming frustrated with the coverage.
    It feels like the BBC news editors are determined to portray that our country is about to fall off the edge of the world!
    As a population we have voted for change, we should be celebrating the positivity of our decision. The doom and gloom spewing out of your news coverage is shameful. You are not embracing all sides but instead creating a maelstrom of ill feeling and portraying us as a country of supposed fools.
    BBC get a grip on reality, we have changed the way we want to continue in Europe and you just have to accept it and move on.
    Why do you not do something to be proud of like starting up a national conversation of what people want for the future of our country. You have the power and resources to do magnificent things to ensure our leaders hear what we think about, how we see the future and not second guess why people voted.
    Have you thought of programs of how we as a population can contribute to Westminster and the EU negotiations? Giving the electorate a chance to have their say about the future. Forget about the 2nd EU referendum – it really needs to die quietly as it is not going to happen especially now it’s been hacked.
    Your audience is more than just the UK and what are you telling the rest of the world? You are telling them they are right to be worried, when in reality we are being progressive as a nation as we always have. The population had the guts to stand up for a new future because we believe in ourselves.
    So BBC stop digging us deeper into volatile markets, racial hatred and speculating what might or might not happen. Be responsible about your actions and how you are representing our voices to the outside world.
    Change is part of progress – so start changing to reflect the future of the monumental re-brand of our country.

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