BBC Newsroom Live

I sense a general pro-EU bias by the BBC but this is the second time I have felt compelled to flag a specific instance.

During an item introduced as #BBCAskThis on the BBC News Channel they resorted to having BBC studio reporter Anita McVey ask BBC Europe editor Katya Adler three carefully selected “viewers’ questions” about the EU referendum. Adler’s replies slanted towards remain-positive, leave-negative scenarios. They could easily have come from the lips of a ready-primed remain campaigner. In her responses Adler mentions a nameless “high level source” in Brussels. If that doesn’t indicate a preference to broadcast pro-EU opinion then I don’t know what does. Predictably, no-one was on hand to dispute any of Adler’s contentions.

It appears that the BBC have finally discarded their paper-thin pretence at impartiality and become a tool for the EU Remain camp. This, along with parroting unnecessary, near apocalyptic utterances from the BOE, does not serve the public at all. Such organisations should be brought to heel before they do any irreparable damage to their reputations, or more importantly, to our national interests.

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